Career after B Sc Anthropology


The Bachelor degree in Anthropology identifies the social and cultural developments in human beings. The subject deals with both the physical and emotional aspect in the development of human beings. The Physical aspect deals with the biological development in human beings where as emotional aspect deals with evolution of society. Besides this physical aspect also deals with development and growth of communities, cultures etc. Some courses on Anthropology concentrate on the physical aspect where as some others concentrate on the emotional aspect.

Anthropologist can find job opportunities in museums and universities, government sectors etc. An anthropologist can also work in archaeological investigations. They can also find opportunity in evolution of biotic life and in evolution of cultures of tribal communities. The key skills required by anthropologist include good communication, better analyzing ability and memory capacity. In government sectors, they can find jobs in areas of

  • Agricultural Practices
  • Demography
  • Human Resource Development
  • Tribal Welfare etc

Career in Private sector after B Sc Anthropology

Private sector offers diverse job opportunities for those dealing with the physical and emotional aspect of Anthropology. Those who deal with emotional aspect can find career openings in Non Governmental Organizations. By gaining much more experience in the sector, Anthropologist can be promoted to cultural resource management specialists.  Those aspirants who are interested in doing research in this area can carry on with social issues and problems. They have to deal with social issues such as public health, education, urban planning, social welfare, and government planning, international development etc

In private sector anthropologist can find jobs mainly in areas of

  • Teaching
  • Research Works
  • In Museums

Government Career after B Sc Anthropology

The Anthropological Survey of India can be considered as one of the pioneer in recruiting bachelors in anthropology in the government sector. Candidates with degree in Anthropology can also find job openings in International agencies like WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF. All these institutes require skillful aspirants in Anthropology for their research works. Other organizations that deals with the staffing of anthropologist include

  • Commission for Scheduled Castes
  • Commission on Schedule Tribes
  • ICMR
  • Minority Commission
  • Other Backward Classes Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • The Police Department etc

Career Abroad after B Sc Anthropology

Anthropology offers good job opportunities outside India also. They can find job openings in educational institutions and in research related activities. To get a job as professor in Colleges offering Anthropology, the aspirant has to undergo research in the related area. The candidates with degree in Anthropology can work in physical anthropology laboratories. They can also find career options in archaeological sites, museums etc. As the subject deals with research on humans, the demand for cultural anthropologist is enhancing rapidly

Long-term Career roadmap for B Sc Anthropology Graduate

Anthropologist can expect more new jobs in the coming decades. Besides teaching they can find jobs in medical research establishments working on nutrition/preventive medicine. The aspirants can also find jobs in research institutes and human resources department of large firms. In HR department, they can find jobs in cross cultural communication training of managers. The job opportunities for Anthropologist have improved a lot due to importance given to preservation of tradition and culture.



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