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It is not to recent that the call centres were established in india and every since then call centres have provided employment to almost uncountable number of people. With the increasing globalization more and more companies are setting up their business process outsourcing in india and therefore the job opportunities are immense now and will be increasing tremendous in the near future. This field can be especially alluring for the recent graduates or who are not even graduates can also work in various call centres.

Call centres are basically offices that are equipped with all the latest technology and huge amount of information to perform the task they are assigned to. Not all the call centres are customer support but there are different functions to be performed by them and the functions can include banking, manufacturing, security, market survey, pharmaceuticals, sales, order desk, technical queries, emergency dispatch, credit collections, food service, reservations and much more.

Depending upon the function that a call centre has to be perform they are categorized as domestic or international, inbound, outbound or specialized. India being the second largest English speaking country therefore there is no reason that the call centres will not flourish here.


Every call centre has different eligibility criteria but one criteria that remains same for every call centre is that you should have fluency in English and must poses good communication skills. However the chance of selection gets improved when you have good computer knowledge and typing speed. Knowledge of any international language other than English is much appreciated as that can work as an added advantage in your resume and can also help in career advancements at a rapid rate.

If you are working in an inbound call centre then you must possess the ability to understand what the person is requesting from you and assist the person but on the other hand if you are working in an outbound call centre then persuasion skills are of prime importance. You should have the ability to convince the person whom you are talking to.


Considering the educational qualification required to enter this field the salary packages are really very lucrative. A fresher can earn somewhere around Rs. 10,000 per month to Rs. 15,000 per month. The salary will get increased as you gain more experience and promotion.



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    nikhil minda:

    Sir i would be greatful to u if u would suggest me that i wanted a good job in call centre and now i have completed my 10th icse exams.

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    i have passed my 10th this year and in search of a good job.i have done ADCA(additional diploma in computer application).so please suggest me,i will be grateful to you.