Jobs in Call Center


Individuals who have good communication skills have good job opportunities in Call centres. Recent advances in the technological sector have boosted this growth. Numerous jobs are available for people who are skilled in verbal communication. But the skills as well as educational requirements for the jobs available will differ from one profile to the other.  Details about the jobs available in call centres are cited below.

Call Center Job

A few jobs available in call centres comprise of:

  • Answering Service
  • BPO
  • Call Center Agent
  • Call Center Consultant
  • Call Center Director
  • Call Center Manager
  • Call Center Office Manager
  • Call Center Operations Manager
  • Call Center Owner
  • Call Center Process Specialist
  • Call Center Project Manager
  • Call Center Quality Assurance Manager
  • Call Center Representative
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • Call Center Workforce scheduler
  • Call Centre General Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Customer Service Call Center
  • Customer service specialist
  • Inbound Call Center
  • KPO
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Outgoing Call Center
  • Outgoing Call Center
  • Sample Call Center
  • Switchboard Operator
  • Team Leader Call Center

A few other jobs available in call centres include Telemarketing Representative, Telesales Executive and Virtual Assistant. Telemarketing Manager and Call Center Training Manager are some other job profiles.

Pay scale of Call Center Jobs

The pay scales of employees in Call Centers & Customer Service Executive are as follows:

  • Employees shall receive a salary of approximately Rs 121,778 - Rs 230,059 a year.
  • Employees shall get a bonus of around Rs 5,139 - Rs 20,840 a year.
  • Employees shall get a profit sharing of Rs 978 - Rs 10,042 a month.
  • They will get a commission of Rs 3,300 - Rs 38,000 each month.
  • The total pay an employee shall receive per annum is Rs 130,258 - Rs 243,645

Pros about Call Center Jobs

One of the best things about a job in a call centre is that a person will be able to interact with many people and come to understand about new technology and more. Apart from this, they will also get the chance to enhance their communication skills. Even though employees will be required to work till late, call centers will provide them with good salaries in addition to a comfortable office space with good security.

Cons about Call Center Jobs

One of the many disadvantages that can be associated with call centres is the time shifts. One will never be able to predict at what time they will have to work at the centre. It is a very common occurrence for employees of call centres to work very late. They rarely get the chance to go home at time.



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