How to Prepare For Telephonic Interview ?


Companies often carry out telephone interviews before issuing an invitation for candidates to appear for the face-to-face interview. Those who give a good impression in this part of the selection procedure will be given the opportunity to present themselves for the interview at the office.

Telephone interviews are mainly carried out when:

  • Candidates have to commute a long way
  • When there are a huge number of aspirants
  • When screening by just the CV is difficult

If this interview is arranged by a recruitment consultant, you will be able to know when exactly you are required to give a call to the hiring manager or when exactly they will contact you. In addition this, you can also be prepared for the interview.

What must the objectives be?

These must be the first things you must note in your mind when you await a call for the telephonic interview:

  • Obtain sufficient information as to decide if you want to proceed with the interview procedure
  • Give adequate replies that are precise
  • Close the telephonic interview effectively

How to prepare?

Preparing for the telephonic interview is as much important as preparing for any other meeting or interview. The primary impression you create here will determine whether you will be successful or not. Make sure that you have a notepad, a pen and your CV with you before you start the call. In case you are asked to describe yourself, tell about your family, your academics and hobbies and finish talking in a minute or 2. The main point of this question is to find about your communication skills.

Making the Call

If you are asked to call at a particular time, make sure that you call at that time only. Calling early will damage your negotiating position or will sabotage your chance of getting to the subsequent stage. If you are too late, it will show that you are not interested. In case you are unable to get through, make sure you leave a message with the receptionist or the secretary to show that you have called at the right time. Ask when the person you are trying to contact will be free and call again. Repeat this process until you get in touch.

A few things to be kept in mind are:

When you answer the phone make sure you are prepared to answer the call in a confident yet humble manner. You must sound interested as well as enthusiastic. One other thing to be kept in mind by everyone is to be succinct. One will have the chance to ask questions about the firm and the position offered etc. Make sure you ask the right questions. The person carrying out the interview must feel that you are genuinely interested to work in that firm. The most important of all things is to be polite. Politeness and honesty will be prized everywhere.

Closing the Interview

At the end of the call, you can close the call neatly and concisely. People who are conducting the telephonic interview will note how well you can close a conversation. This shows your ability to communicate and understand.

How to prepare for the Face to Face Interview?

If you are given the opportunity to appear the face to face interview, you should thank the manager and then ask details about:

  • When will the interview be held?
  • Where will it be held?
  • Who will conduct the interview?
  • What all materials should you take with you for the interview?
  • What will the interview procedure be?
  • What is the most important thing the firm is looking for?
The first 3 of these questions are the most vital things to be understood by you. You can also get more information about the firm from its official website. In case the telephonic interview has been set by a recruitment consultant, you can give them a call straight away to inform them about the interviews’ outcome. More information regarding the face to face interview can be found out by them on your behalf.


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