Foreign Language


Language graduates gets offer from mass communication, embassy and diplomatic services, conferences etc.Language specialists are employed for secretarial, executive and public relations. The interpreters employed by UNO must have a proficiency certificate in any two of the six official languages. There are limited positions and competition is tough.To work with UN organizations candidates must clear an exam and an interview. Posts are filled after the selected candidates based on geographical representation are put in according to vacancies.

Industries, government, international organizations needing translation work hire Translators. Translators work on free lancing because there are no recruitment structures. Translators get many opportunities in radio services, export agencies, travel sector etc.

Languages used in international business require translation in English which are handled by internet.

Translators with extra qualification get better jobs in management tourism, airlines etc. with expertise in foreign languages besides getting jobs in UNO translational bureaus, etc. For language teachers special courses are being offered.

Most of the call centres prefer people with knowledge of Spanish besides Japanese and Chinese as most of the business spots are in Texas and California.

Many career opportunities are there for foreign language students in online journalism, tourism, call centres etc.

Study & Training

You can study these language courses in any of the universities or you can choose language institutes run by embassies which conduct courses for 5-6 years which is part time only. Graduates and post graduates can apply for diploma/certificate courses.



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10 Responses to “Foreign Language”

  1. 10
    Manish Kumar vaish:

    Which institute of foreign language is good for study for foreign language

  2. 9

    in which month foreign language exams are held?

  3. 8
    thokchom paikhomba meitei:

    hello sir,madam
    my name is paikhomba from manipur.i am studying japanese language and sociololy so i want to know thai is there is any possibility to work at japan embassy after my completion of graduation. I an looking forward your reply

  4. 7

    please can you tell whether is there any entrance exams for getting a job as a german translator in delhi embassy? what else are the requirements for it?

  5. 6

    plese tell me the procedure to take admission in jnu to study french language

  6. 5
    divij bhasin:

    tell me the entrance exam dates for foreign languages of DU. plz help me guys ‘coz i need to give the entrance exam. plz help me.
    divij bhasin
    ([email protected])

  7. 4

    i am a student. i would like to learn forign language. which is best, will use in my forthere studys plz give reply

  8. 3

    Willing to learn a foreign language. Please suggest which language — Chinese / Japanese / Korean has better prospect as an interpreter?

  9. 2

    can u please tell me syllabus for certificate language course entrance test from delhi university,which is a common entrance in english…

  10. 1

    i’m a student of B.A (3rd) german. my final results of B.A are awaited. i would like to have information regarding the internship with UN organisation and job prospects for german language graduates in UNO and other Diplomatic missions.