Pros and Cons of BPO jobs after B.Tech


Business Process Outsourcing is one of the fast growing industries in India. It provides immense job opportunities for fresh candidates. Most of the employees working in BPO industry are from engineering background. There are many reasons behind this. Attractive emoluments is one of them. Moreover no other industry offers the kind of job opportunities for B.Tech graduates as this sector. However, there also exist some cons in this industry for B.Tech graduates.

Advantages of BPO jobs after B.Tech

Candidates who have sought employment in BPO sector can gain industrial experience and draw attractive salary packages. Candidates can seek employment just after their education. BPOs recruit fresher’s having good interpersonal skills. Candidates can work in IT department to improve and update their knowledge about Computer and Internet Systems. Candidates can work as a systems administrator, updating and maintaining software programs and fixing technical problems in the system.

They can earn good remuneration compared to other industries. BPO jobs help to improve one’s communication skills. Most of the call centers conduct Personality Development Programmers free of cost along with regular voice & accent training. Apart from call centre job, candidates can opt to apply as a technical support representative and use their skills and knowledge in helping customers with their technical issues. Candidates can seek BPO jobs in reputed firms such as Infosys, Wipro as well as TCS. This will help them to gain industrial experience and along with this, they can be eligible for internal recruitment.  Experienced professional have the opportunity to work abroad as well.

Disadvantages of BPO jobs after B.Tech

Majority of the jobs in BPO is voice based. Only a few candidates will get the chance to work in technical support. Career in call centers is not often considered as work experience. Candidates who have been working in BPO industry can seek career opportunities available in that sector only. Apart from these, there is lots of pressure which leads to high attrition rate. Career development is limited in this sector. Odd working hours is another demerit in BPO jobs. Such working hours inversely affect their opportunity to pursue any other higher studies.

B.Tech graduates who join in BPO jobs will have to carry out tasks which are not related to what they have studied. As they are engaged in such as different industry, they lack the opportunity to gain industry knowledge in their area.



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