Ceramics Engineer - How to become a Ceramics Engineer?


Ceramics Engineering is a subdivision of Science and Technology that deals with the study of inorganic and non-metallic substances. Those who have studied the different courses in Ceramics Engineering can turn out to be Ceramics Engineers. These professionals, also called as materials engineers fabricate ceramic products as well as techniques and paraphernalia for processing ceramic materials. Ceramics Engineers in their day-to-day affairs, deal with so many products, ranging from earthenware and electronic machinery to liners for blast furnaces, airplane engines and even nuclear reactors.

Qualifying Exam

To become a Ceramics Engineer, aspirants have to pursue the graduation course in Ceramics Engineering. They must have done the course from a recognized University or institute so as to become a licensed Ceramics Engineer. Most of the Ceramic Engineers do internships as part of their course for getting employments in multi-national companies or otherwise.

On completion of their program, these professionals can search out for occupation in Government agencies or private sector undertakings. Ceramics Engineers have wide scope in India and abroad. There are numerous job openings coming forth day-by-day for these professionals in iron and steel and chemical industries. They can also seek for career in cement, clay, stone and glass manufacturing companies. Those who are interested in teaching can work as lecturers in colleges or institutes on completion of their postgraduate studies.

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion to apply for the graduation program in Ceramics Engineering is a pass in the XII exam from an acknowledged University or institute. Aspirants must have done the qualifying course in Science disciplines with Maths as a subject. In addition, they have to attend an engineering entrance test so as to get admission for the Bachelors’ program. Diploma holders in the respective fields can also join the second year of graduate course by lateral entry scheme.

Key Points in the process

  • Study the intermediate course in Science streams with Maths
  • Attend the Engineering entrance test
  • Earn a graduation in Ceramics Engineering
  • Search out for career in public and private sector

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Aspirants have to study the qualifying exam curriculum thoroughly so as to clear the exam. They can purchase specialized books and preceding years question papers on the test from leading bookstores for reference. By working out sample papers, fixing a time, they may gain speed. They can self-evaluate their solved papers so as to know their weaker areas.



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