Delhi University - B.Sc. (H) Bio-Chemistry - Third Year Papers


The Biochemistry papers of the third year of University of Delhi are for 60 marks each. The time duration given to complete paper is three hours. All papers are scheduled to be answered on separate days. The paper has about 8 questions from which the candidate is expected to answer any five. The marks carried by each question are given alongside each question.

The first question in the paper is a compulsory one. The candidate is free to choice any four question after the first one. All the questions will belong to the portion itself. They are essay type questions to be answered in full length with a good introduction, middle paragraph and a brief conclusion.

Make sure to support the answers with adequate diagrams and illustrations in order to be awarded more marks. Absence of certain important diagrams and equations may lead to a deduction of marks. There are a number of papers available online to give you a better idea of the paper. Solving these papers will give you an idea of what to expect in the paper and how to time yourself so that you are able to finish on time.

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