Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Bio-Chemistry Papers


The Tamil Nadu board of School Examination is considered to be a reputed board at the state level and imparts quality education to its students by conducting board examinations in classes 10 and 12.  The board examinations of class 12 in both government and private schools in managed by the Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education which comes under the Tamil Nadu State Board of School Examination. Bio-chemistry is considered an important course of education because it is the study of chemical processes that occur inside living organisms. Thus it is it is a combination of both life science and chemical science.

Sectional Division

The Biochemistry paper has four parts, where part three has three sub divisions or sections.

Pattern of the Question Paper

The paper contains four main parts or sections. The first part which is of fifty marks consist of short answer questions such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, match the column, true and false, one word questions etc and all the questions should be attempted. The second part is of thirty marks and consists of twenty questions out of which any fifteen can be answered. The third part which is also of thirty marks contains two sections- A and B. A total of six questions are to be answered in this part, one from section A and any five questions from section B as there are ample choices.  In the fourth or last part, only four questions are to be answered out of six or seven choices provided. These are long answer questions and this part comprises of forty marks.

Marks Allocation

The total marks in this paper are one hundred and fifty. The first part is is of fifty marks and consisting of a variety of short answer questions, each of one mark. The second part is of thirty marks, each question consisting of two marks i.e. a total of fifteen questions should be attempted out of twenty. Part-3 is also of thirty marks and it has two sections. One question from section A and Five questions from section B is required to be answered where all the question carries five marks each. Part- 4, which is the last section, is of forty marks, each question carrying ten marks each and one needs to answer any four questions, thus summing up to a total of hundred and fifty marks.

Time Duration

The time allocated for this paper is three hours.

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