Delhi University - B.Sc. (H) Bio-Chemistry - First Year Papers


The Biochemistry papers of the first year in the Bachelors Programme consist of five papers in all. All the papers are of sixty marks to be answered in the three hours. All the papers have a different paper pattern. In some papers five questions have to be answered in all with the first question being the compulsory one. In some others, the paper is divided into questions where two questions from each section have to be answered on a compulsory basis. In yet other papers, about 5 to 8 questions are given from which you have to attempt any five. Make sure to read the instructions given on the question paper properly to be able to answer all the questions properly. Manage time adequately across all questions.

All the questions in the papers are detailed long answer questions. The questions are form the syllabus studied during the course of the year. The most important topics are repeated almost every year. So you can simply refer to other model question papers to know these questions. Make sure to time yourself well while writing or you may lose marks unnecessarily. There is no negative marking on the paper.

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    sir please send me first year biochemistry syllabus of delhi university…