Pay Scale for Clinical Psychologist in Government Jobs


Clinical Psychologists are licensed professionals who study the different ways of working of human mind. These professionals make use of the information learnt by them for helping people to come out of their mental, physical and emotional problems that might interfere with the ability of the person to cope with the society. Government organizations in India, offer a pay scale of Rs.10300-34800 plus a GP of Rs.3600 to these professionals. However, there can be difference in the pay scale since they are also brought under consolidated pay basis.

Recent job notifications:

The following government organizations recently recruited candidates for the position of Clinical Psychologist:

Directorate of Health & Family Welfare of Government of Punjab

Central Institute of Psychiatry

Educational qualification:

To apply for the position of Clinical Psychologist in government organizations, candidates must have completed their PG degree in psychology from the recognized institution or university. Even government organizations look for M. Phil degree holders in the clinical psychology. Candidates can easily find employment opportunities in government organizations in the position of clinical psychologist once they complete their Ph. D in clinical psychology.


In the previously mentioned two government job notifications for the position of Clinical Psychologist, the Central Institute of Psychiatry required that candidates must have minimum two years of experience of working as a research worker/teacher/clinical psychologist in psychiatric department or child guidance clinic of a general hospital/mental hospital.

Responsibilities of a clinical psychologist:

Clinical Psychologists evaluate, counsel and help the patients in identifying techniques that can be used for bringing about major changes in their lives. These professionals are also responsible to refer the patient to specialists or other doctors if they find that the patient needs some medical attention in addition to psychological attention.

What are the government organizations that recruit clinical psychologists?

Clinical Psychologists can find job opportunities in government-run rehabilitation centres, medical colleges, hospitals, counseling centres, community centers, schools and colleges for the purpose of offering psychological counseling to the people who are in need of their help.

Skills required:

To become a successful clinical psychologist candidates should possess the following skills:

The very basic skill required is compassionate and kind heart since the profession entails solving the problems of the needy people through counseling.

They should have the natural propensity to unravel the deep mysteries in the human mind.

A lot of patience is required since sometimes, they will have to deal with patients exhibiting abnormal behavior.

They should be able to ventilate all the negative thoughts picked during counseling since they will have to deal with a lot of negative emotions and thoughts from the patients

Strong persuasion skills are required to help the patients in coming out of their mental blocks

Effective communication skills is highly essential since their main work is to talk to the patients in an organized manner in such a way that they are relieved out of all their mental pressures and stresses

Thus, clinical psychologists play a crucial role in helping the people to lead a calm and peaceful life.



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    Syed Altaf Hussain:

    Sir, I am pursuing M.Sc., (Psychology) from Kakatiya University, having Maths background in Intermediate as well as in Degree. Can I pursue M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) without having (biological) science background?