Astronomer - How to become an Astronomer?


Astronomy is the science which involves the study of the whole universe and all the celestial bodies. Astronomers are the specially trained professionals who research about the universe and astronomical events. They contribute various astronomical discoveries and events to the public. They are the scientists who study about the nature of planets, stars and galaxies. They use the diverse principles of mathematics and physics to learn about the fundamental nature of universe and celestial bodies.

These professionals utilize their knowledge to solve navigation, satellite communication and space flight problems. They also make techniques and gadgets for the research and collection of information on astronomy. They conduct a wide variety of experiments to evaluate and improve theories to explain several physical and celestial phenomena. Most of their observations are conducted using ground-based telescopes.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates usually require a doctoral degree to become an astronomer because most the jobs in this field are research based. A number of universities offer the PhD programmes in astronomy. A few jobs in this field may also recruit candidates with Master’s degree in the related discipline. Students can begin with their undergraduate degree in astronomy and gradually move towards the doctoral degree programmes. Some of the astronomers, who have pursued the undergraduate and postgraduate degree in astronomy, also work in other related fields. About 80 universities in the country offer the degree programmes in astronomy. In most of them the astronomy section is combined with the Physics department. However the candidates must have strong basis in the subjects such as physics, mathematics and astronomy. Obtaining relevant experience while pursuing the graduation will help them to get into a bright career.

Who is eligible to apply?

The students can apply for the bachelor’s degree course in astronomy or related subjects after successfully finishing their higher secondary education with any science stream. They can also gain experience in this field through any internship programmes or training while pursuing the degree. At least a Master’s degree in related stream is required for most of the jobs in this field. After completing their undergraduate degree, students can apply for the master’s degree programme in concerned discipline. The doctoral degree is a must in this field to become a successful astronomer.

Key points in the process

  • Study 10+2 or equivalent with PCM from any reputed school. Concentrate in the science subjects more.
  • Pursue a bachelor’s degree in astronomy or related subjects from a recognized university.
  • Join for the post graduate course in the same and gain exposure in this field through any internship programmes.
  • Apply for the jobs which require candidates with post graduation in astronomy.
  • Otherwise pursue the PhD programme and become a successful astronomer by working with reputed firm.

Skills required for an Astronomer

Individuals with a strong passion and interest in the astronomy and about universe can become successful astronomer after obtaining the concerned academic trainings. They must possess certain brilliant qualities to perform in this field. They need good analytical skills, numerical ability and problem solving skills. A curious and imaginative mind is necessary for these professionals. They also need good oral and written skills and should be able to work in team.



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