Difference between Printing technology job and data processing job


Printing is a part of mass communication process. With printing techniques using various types of printers we can process a hard copy of the software document. In printing presses large printing machines are used to print various documents that will make an output in the form of books or magazines. In this field, technical skill is an important factor. Each person in the process has a specific role to play and to contribute to the final result.  Print technologist can get different jobs in various organizations.

Data processor is a person who is an entry level operator in the administrative section with the help of a word or number processing device like computer or typewriter. He has to collect the details in prior to inputting the data. The ultimate role is to input lists or statistics or documentation into the filing system. Other tasks include taxing, filing and photocopying. The data processor has in-depth knowledge of their firm’s record-keeping systems & procedures.

Printing technologist and opportunities

The job of a printing technologist varies with different organizations. The educational eligibility varies according to organizations. The ultimate need is technical skill in the technology. A professional has scope in the production department, administration; print Technologist can work in newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies, government departments, banks and private publication houses. He can work in the marketing and sales department of various companies that supply raw materials like photographic films for printing.

Data processor and opportunities

Data processors can be employed in several industries including media, financial services and retail. The designation of data processor need not require a college degree. The candidate should have a high school diploma and also exceptional typing skills. A diploma in administration from any proprietary school is an added advantage.

Key difference between Printing Technologist and Data processor

  • The printing technologist works with the help of technology and machine operations to produce data where as a data processor types the data using his hands into the corresponding machine like computer or type writer.

The salary packages will be different in the two fields. The basic qualification needed for the job will be different.



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