Difference between an Interior Designer and an Architect


Although Interior Designers and Architects carry out the designing work of a building or a space provided, their area of specialization and work profile are poles apart. An Interior Designer is a resourceful professional who deals with interior designing works like furnishings and embellishment of the interior of a dwelling, building or space.

These professionals use innovative and scientific solutions within a structure to accomplish a built interior milieu. However, Architects are experts who are concerned with planning, designing and supervising works in the process of the construction of a building or structure.

Interior Designing courses and career opportunities

With the increase in the requirement of interior designers in our present day world, various institutes have initiated many interior designing courses. In addition to the Bachelors’ and Masters’ courses in interior designing, there are numerous short-term courses in the concerned areas. Most of them pursue the interior designing courses after their intermediate program.

The job profile of an interior designer encompasses designing furnishings, floorings, paint colors, wall coverings, hangings, diverse lighting techniques of buildings, or otherwise. They can seek out for career in public or private construction companies. On completion of the different interior designing courses, they can also get designated as trade fair designers, theater and set designers. The majority of the interior designers prefer private practice as it is more profitable.

Architecture courses and career opportunities

To become an Architect, aspirants have to pursue the Bachelors’ program in Architecture. Postgraduates in the respective fields can expect hikes in their career. A diploma in Architecture is a pre-requisite for the entry-level jobs in the sector. Those who wish to grow to be research scientists have to do the PhD programs in the concerned areas.

These professionals carry out research and development activities in Architecture. Architects can seek for career in town planning departments of local Government or in public or private agencies that carry out construction works. In their day-to-day affairs, these professionals’ deals with the construction works of wide range of buildings like educational institutes, swimming pools, clinics, dwellings, stadiums and so on.

Key differentiators between an Interior Designer and an Architect

  • Interior Designers design the insides of buildings / cars and anything else people fit in whereas Architects design the layouts for buildings.
  • The former decorates the interior of a constructed building whereas the latter focuses mainly in the construction works of a building.

Any individual who has creative and imaginative skills can become an interior designer whereas technical knowledge is essential to turn out to be an Architect.



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