Difference between Aviation Inspector and Astronomer


Aviation Inspector is one who ensures the safe working of the aircraft before its take off. A lot of other duties related to aircraft are also vested with Aircraft inspector. He has to keep track of the mechanical and repairing operations performed in the aircraft and is also responsible for air traffic controls. Scientist who deals with diverse aspects of astronomy are called astronomers. They usually deal with the composition, motion and the changes taking place in celestial bodies. Astronomers usually concentrate on a particular area of celestial study.

Aviation Inspector Courses and career opportunities

Those who have strong desire to become an aviation inspector can join with any of the institutions under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They offer 2 year as well as four-year courses on Aviation. After completion of the course, the aspirants are offered with a certificate in specialized areas of aircraft technology. On the job training are offered to students who have completed the academic classroom sessions. Bachelor of Engineering in Aircraft is another option available for students to become an aircraft engineer. High paid jobs await skills professionals in aviation sector.

Astronomer Courses and career opportunities

Indian Universities don’t offer astronomy courses at the graduate level. Certain Universities in India offer Master’s and doctorate programs on Astronomy. For obtaining an admission into these higher-level courses post graduation in Physics is required. Admissions to these courses are done on the basis of the marks in the Common entrance test. Those who pursue Aeronautical engineering after PG in Physics can gradually work in the direction of becoming an astronomer. After completion of the course, students can find jobs as Research Scientists in leading governmental institutions or in other research centers. Beginners can find jobs as fellow researcher in similar organizations.

Key differentiators between Aviation Inspector and Astronomer

  • Aviation Inspector is one who deals with aircraft where as an Astronomer is a person dealing with celestial bodies and its related activities.
  • Aviation Inspector can work as Aircraft mechanics, Aircraft technician and so on. Whereas an astronomer’s job profile is more research oriented.

The nature and the responsibility involved in the job are much different. However in terms of remuneration both are well paid jobs.



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