Difference between Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Even though Biochemistry and Biotechnology are sub divisions of science, they are entirely different subjects. Biochemistry deals with the study of chemical reactions that take place within the cells and tissues and there interaction with the living body. However, Biotechnology is concerned with manipulating chemical substances so as to manufacture medical products like medicines, drugs and so on by means of biological techniques.

Biochemistry courses and career opportunities

Aspirants can study any of the biochemistry courses like graduation or post graduation in the same. There are also research programs like PhD and M Phil courses in biochemistry. Those who are willing to do the MS program in biochemistry can also pursue the same. Professionals who complete the various courses in the respective fields can seek out for careers in public or private sector that includes forensics, industrial chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and so on. Biochemists can also hunt for employments in other sectors also like immunology, virology, horticulture and forestry. They are most wanted in medical laboratories, health care and in medical institutes.

Biotechnology courses and career opportunities

There are a range of courses in biotechnology that an intermediate in science stream can pursue. This includes bachelors’ degree in bio technology with different specializations. There are also other professional programs like engineering, pharmaceutical and medical courses in bio technology. Aspirants can also do postgraduate and research programs in the respective fields. CEOs and Business Development executives can pursue the training programs in biotechnology so to get in to the top most positions of bio technological companies. A graduation in the respective areas in required for joining the entry level jobs in bio technology sector.

Key differentiators between Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Biochemistry is indispensable for the opulence of biotechnology.  Most of the techniques used in biochemistry are the hallmarks of biotechnology. Biochemists using their technical knowledge work behind biological processes whereas biotechnologists make biological products. The former perform analysis on chemical reactions like process behind normal activites like respiration. On the other hand, the latter creates products like proteins which are used in manufacturing drugs. Biochemists elucidate the structure and function of the insulin molecule whereas biotechnologist makes medicines using its properties.



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    isharath begam:

    hi,i have written my 10th public exam ,now the doubt is what group shall i take except maths ,ecomis. that has more scope,easy,to earn money.

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    I wanted to know,whether I can persue MBA after B.Sc Microbiology/Biochemistry?

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    hii.. i am a graduate in bsc biotechnology and i am confused in msc biotechnology ,msc biochemisty and clinical research..what i do now?? please help me in choosing one of them has a better job prospectus in india…

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    is biochemistry batter or biotechnology????????????

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    hello!!i am a graduate in bsc biotechnology and i am really having a program in deciding whether to go for msc in biotechnology program or clinical research.can you please help me out which one of the two has better job prospects in india?

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    At present I would like to join chemical engineering branch. But I interested in biotechnology how can I study Biotech after chemical.enginee please sugget me.