Difference between Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology


Both the Biomedical engineering and Biotechnology comes under the engineering field and is related to some areas in biology. Even though the two specializations overlap to some extend, there are lots of differences between them. Biomedical engineering is the field which uses the principles of engineering and technology and applies them in the specified areas of biology. Biotechnology is the science discipline which involves the study of tiny organisms and technology.

Biomedical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Biomedical engineering is an engineering sub-field which applies diverse principles of engineering and technology in the fields of medicine and biology. This field is a lately emerged branch in engineering disciplines, compared to others. It can be said as a bridge between engineering and medicine. The various application fields include medicine, healthcare of individuals, surgery and any other higher life forms. The field integrates the design and problem solving abilities with medical sciences to develop the healthcare therapy, diagnosis and treatment methods.

The professionals who specialize in this field are called biomedical engineers. They are experts in engineering sciences, medical and biological sciences. These professionals should be proficient in developing solutions to medical requirements in terms of engineering. The solutions thus derived should satisfy both the clinical and engineering requirements. To become a biomedical engineer, one should have at least a qualification of bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.

Biotechnology Course and Career opportunities

Biotechnology is a research oriented science field which integrates biology and technology. The field covers a wide range of disciplines like genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, virology, etc. It is also related with many other areas such as Medicine and Health, Ecology, Soil conservation, Bio-statistics and many others.

This field utilizes the small living things, particularly the bacteria and cells for industrial processes. The several applications of biotechnology include developing diverse types of medicines, increasing productivity, developing energy production and management. The field has also made tremendous changes in the animal husbandry and agricultural fields. Many universities in the country offer the bachelor’s degree in biotechnology for the aspiring students. The need for biotechnologists in diverse fields of industries is in great demand in this present scenario.

Key differentiators between Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

  • Biomedical engineering is the engineering field which appliers several principles of technology in the field of medicine and biology whereas Biotechnology is the research oriented science field which involves the use of biological organisms for different industrial purposes.

Although Biochemical engineering and Biotechnology integrates engineering with medicine or biology, the two fields are dissimilar in many aspects.



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