Difference between Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry


Organic chemistry and Bio Chemistry are division in science which involves the application of chemistry for the study of living organism and the chemistry of life.

Biochemistry and its Opportunities

Biochemistry is the science involving the application of chemistry for the study of living organisms. This includes different atoms and molecules involved in the living organisms and their chemical reactions. There is a close similarity with biochemistry and molecular biology. The biochemist can work in labs and fields and study different structure of an organism. Most of the biochemists are associated with scientists and engineers and conducts research. There are many disciplines related to biochemistry like Molecular Genetics, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology and Chemical Biology.

Organic chemistry and its Opportunities

Organic chemistry can be stated as the valuation of chemical reaction in living organisms containing carbon-hydrogen link. This subject is very important as it is the study related to living beings and the different chemical reaction effect on these beings. There are lot of fields which need the participation of organic chemistry like doctors, dentist, chemist, veterinarians, pharmacist and even engineers. This division of chemistry helps to develop many common house hold items like plastics, chemicals, food, drugs, fuels and many more. The area of application of organic chemistry is endless.

An Organic Chemist is a person with a Masters or a Doctorate in the same discipline. With a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry only entry level positions will be available in companies. Most of the chemist carries out R & D in a laboratory setting. Some of the areas of research include creation of drugs for pain relief, shampoos for silkier hair, stain proof carpets, formulating non-toxic insect repellent etc.

Key Differentiators

Organic chemistry is further deep-rooted than biochemistry. The organic chemistry deals with the functional groups and similar kind of reactions. On the contrary, in biochemistry, one looks at effect that in point of fact will happen in living organs. This deals with very complex molecules that have numerous functional groups and reactions which take place at these multiple functional groups. Organic Chemistry basically deals with heat, acid, base, platinum to catalyze reactions. The Organic chemistry is very industrial oriented and Biochemistry is building up on this.



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