Difference in B. Sc Chemistry and B. Sc Biochemistry


Both B. Sc Chemistry and B. Sc Biochemistry are bachelor degree courses in the field of Science. The Courses of B. Sc Chemistry includes the structure, compositions and chemical reactions taking place in living and non living things. On the other hand B.Sc Biochemistry deals with chemical composition and reaction of compounds found in living things. Bio Chemistry which is the combination of Biology and Chemistry, acts as the sub branch of the vast area of Chemistry. Though the subjects look similar in certain respects, there exist certain distinguishable features between them but both the courses help students to bring up their caliber for a challenging career in life.

B. Sc Chemistry Courses and job opportunities

The bachelor degree in Chemistry is offered through many Colleges across the country. The B.Sc degree in Chemistry is enough to obtain an entry level job in the sector. The job opportunities available for the course are practically many. One can find job openings both in government as well as private sector. The B.Sc course makes the aspirant eligible to apply for masters program in the same. This helps individuals to obtain a senior level rewarding career in the field of Chemistry.

B. Sc Biochemistry Courses and job opportunities

The course of Biochemistry is much demanded now days due to its growing importance in the present era. Those who have passed HSC with Biology and Mathematics are eligible to apply for the course. Higher education programs such as M.Sc, Ph.d etc are also offered in the same stream of study. These higher education courses after B,Sc Biochemistry increases the possibility to obtain a reputed job in the area. They can find career openings in Bio informatics, in medical field, in education sector and so on.

Key Differences between B. Sc Chemistry and B. Sc Biochemistry

  • The topics of both the courses are different. Bachelor degree in chemistry educates students with diverse aspects of chemical actions taking place in living and non living matter.
  • The course on Biochemistry educates students about the structure, composition and chemical reactions taking place in biotic compounds. Chemistry is the vast area of Physical Science where as Bio Chemistry is a special branch of Chemistry.

The chemists in general insist on developing new products through varied chemical actions where as biochemist use chemical actions to analyze and to learn the processes taking place in living things.



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    which course is better in india, any bsc or can i take b pharm pls reply.thank you.

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    shabeen shah:

    which is better B pharm or biochemistry?

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    Please, i get admission in a university as b.sc chemistry but i need counsel about this because many people is telling me to change the coursr to industrial chemistry.
    This are my questions
    (1). Please advice me on the b.sc chemistry
    (2). The best of them
    (3). Where i can get employed with the b.sc chemistry apart from lecturing after my degree.
    (4). On industrial chemistry also.