Difference between Biostatistics and Statistics


Biostatistics is an integration of statistics with biological principles. Professionals working in Biostatistics are mostly concerned with carrying out biological experiments, particularly in medical science and agriculture so as to gather, summarize, and analyze data from their experiments and interpret and infer from the results. However, Statistics is a subdivision of science that deals with the compilation, categorization, and elucidation of data.

Biostatistics courses and career opportunities

Biostatistics is a vast field of study, which has so many subdivisions. Some of the specialized fields in Biostatistics are Environmental Statistics, Genomics and Bioinformatics. Various Universities and institutes offer diverse courses in the respective areas. Biostatistics is a more research-based course. Therefore, aspirants can pursue the postgraduate and PhD programs in Biostatistics.

On completion of their course, they can search out for employments in Government agencies or private sector undertakings. Most of the Biostatisticians work in Forensics Department, Pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, laboratories and in health care. A Biostatistician’s pay scale may vary with his job atmosphere and organization in which he works. Entering into career, these professionals can expect salaries around Rs. 15000/- per month. With experience, they can expect hikes in their remunerations.

Statistics courses and career opportunities

There are so many courses in Statistics that an aspirant can pursue. In addition to the graduate and postgraduate programs in Statistics, there are PhD and M Phil programs in Statistics. It is an enormous field of study, which encompasses Actuarial science, Engineering statistics, Psychological statistics, Demography and so on.

Statisticians can search out for employments in media, business establishments, banks, insurance companies and so on. Manufacturing and sales departments also provide employments to these professionals. They can also hunt for career in Universities and Market Research companies. These professionals can get remunerated around Rs.310000/- stepping into employments.

Key differentiators between Biostatistics and Statistics

  • Biostatistics is the application of medicine with statistics, whereas Statistics involves collecting, recording and evaluating data of any type.
  • The former is applied mostly in biological evaluations whereas the latter is utilized to reach at conclusions in each and every field, which involves population.

Although both Biostatistics and Statistics are entirely different areas of study, the applications in both the fields helped a lot for the developments of Science and Technology and in several other related fields.



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