Difference between Biostatistics and Bioinformatics


Although Biostatistics and Bioinformatics seem similar, both are entirely different fields of study. Biostatistics is the integration of statistics with Biology. It deals with the design of biological experimentations, predominantly in medicine and agriculture; the compilation, summarization, and scrutiny of statistics from those experiments; and the elucidation of, and conclusion from, the outcomes. On the other hand, Bioinformatics is the incorporation of computer science and information technology with molecular biology. It is concerned with the investigation and processing of large sets of biological information.

Biostatistics courses and career opportunities

As there are many courses in Biostatistics and aspirants can study their desired course in the relevant fields. It is an enormous field of study, which encompasses various sub divisions like Genomics, Statistics, Biometrics, Epidemiology and so on. There are graduate and postgraduate courses in the concerned areas. Since Biostatistics is a research-oriented subject, most of them prefer M Phil and PhD programs in the related fields.

A minimum graduation is required for getting entry-level jobs in Biostatistics. After completing the various courses in Biostatistics, professionals can seek out for career in hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, Forensics Department, medical institutes, and so on. Biostatisticians are remunerated around Rs.15000/- per month in the beginning. They can expect hikes in their salaries gaining work experience in the related fields.

Bioinformatics courses and career opportunities

Bioinformatics is an immense field of study, which has numerous sub divisions. Aspirants can pursue graduate or postgraduate programs in Bioinformatics. Various Universities all through the world offer diverse courses in the related fields. There are also engineering courses in Bioinformatics. Postgraduates in the relevant fields can get positioned in the top most designations of companies. Professionals who wish to turn out to be research analysts should study the PhD programs in Bioinformatics. Being a research analyst, they can carry out experimentations and developments in Bio informatics. On completion of the various courses in Bioinformatics, professionals can search out for careers in proteomics, database design and maintenance, informatics developing and bio-analytics and so on.

Key differentiators between Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

  • Biostatistics is an enormous field of study in which Bioinformatics is only a segment.
  • The former is the incorporation of medical science with statistics whereas the latter is concerned with the study of the miniature constituents that make up the biological progressions and entities.

Biostatistics is the scrutiny of biological statistics using statistical calculations whereas Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the administration of biological facts.



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