Difference between B.Tech and B.E


If one starts counting the engineering institutes in India, he or she will keep on counting and counting. The numbers of engineering and technical institutes in India is huge and are offering degree of B.Tech or B.E in various subjects. In spite of having such a huge number of colleges offering these courses, a huge majority of students and aspirants are confused in between these two courses. The first question that strikes our mind after hearing the name of both the courses is ‘what is the difference between B.Tech and B.E degree’?

A very few number of people actually knows the difference. If the same question is striking your mind, let me clear it for you. Actually there is hardly any difference in the courses as far as its level is concerned or their market value and status is compared. In countries like India there is hardly have any valuable differences.

However, since the courses are different, there must be some difference. The difference is the course material and its orientation. The B.E degree is said to be offered in course where the syllabus and the material deals with the theoretical knowledge. On the other hand the B.Tech Degree is offered in the courses where the material and the syllabus is more of a practical field.  In B.E degree, one studies the material in more detail and depth, whereas in B.Tech degree one concentrates more on the skills and the practical application of the course.

If one carefully observes one will find that in India the courses like Chemical, electrical, mechanical and Civil are few of the branches in which often the degree offered is of B.E. However, this in no way means that these courses are meant to be offered with B.E degree only. These courses are also offered with a B.Tech degree, under many Universities and technical institutions, making it clear that the degree being offered depends on the universities and institutes and not on the course.



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11 Responses to “Difference between B.Tech and B.E”

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    well i never know that Mechanical Civil & Electrical students are studying more of theories where as Computer & IT Students are doing more of practicals.. Your explanation is pathetic..

    And am a diploma student i can do B.E or B.Tech in Mechanical Engg.. as i heard my syllabus goes like more of practicals if i choose B.E and less practicals but more theories if i choose B.tech

  2. 10

    Difference is clear..but which is the more valuable one ,i mean the best one.?

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    ishwar sharan singh:

    is karnataka state open university recognised to impart B.Tech degree under face to face scheme?

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    Hai,i want to join mechanical .but i m confused in one thing that is what i can choose B.tech or B.E. .which is more opportunaty for job .

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    VKT Mishra:

    1. I am a M TEch ( Modelling and Simulation, 74 % from Pune univ ), with over 25 years of experience in the field of Telecomn, ComputerNetworking and Human Resource M<anagement.
    2. M Tech ( M&S) being multi disciplinary subject with focus on computer and Maths, will I be eligible for PhD in subjects otyher than Computer Sc/ Maths.
    3. I am interested in getting registered for PhD. May I request you to kindly advise and provide requisite details in this regards.

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    how can i get a good job after complete b tech in electrical ? I am doing b tech in a study centre from manav bharati univercity hp. no campusing, just frustated. average marks. pls help

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    Hi…i m pooja. i had completed diploma course in IT.
    I hv confused between b.e and btech for my career.
    So, please tell me which is better between them, which has scope in industries and in future and also tell me about salary…

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    names of colleges offering b.tech in mumbai

  9. 3

    defrance b.e. and b.tech

  10. 2

    Department of technoly,Kolhapur,In maharashtra is it Autonomus college for B.tech, & which is better B.tech or B.E

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    tanveer Syed:

    can u give me more differences between B.tech and B.E,like salary, status,demands,knowledge etc.