Difference between B.Sc and BS


Bachelor of Science or B.Sc is a three years undergraduate level course that is mainly designed to completely develop different graduate students for extremely productive careers in various sector that include government, private, industry related to software, etc. The course mainly concentrates on providing in depth as well as sound knowledge of the particular subject in which the candidate is holding graduation. The course even offers related aspects that offer both theoretical as well as application oriented Knowledge. This is course is offered by many technical based Institutes all over the nation.

Any students that have earned a passing mark in their 10+2 level are eligible for undertaking this course. This is applicable in most of the Institute; however there are some Institutes that offer an entrance test in order to choose the best of the lots. The course provides an ideal level of liberal exposure along with scientific as well as professional level competence.  Individual degree program within the course offer potential career in various sectors covering that specific subject.

BS or Bachelor in Science is also a three years undergraduate level course that is designed on grounds that are similar to B.Sc. Actually, the course of B.Sc is more popularly known as BS in several Western Countries such as United States of America and Canada. It is specifically designed to stress more on the technical component of education with highly productive means that allow greater career opportunities in the beginner stage. The course covers several domains on a surface basis but in depth analysis is usually avoided.

Students that have achieved a minimum of passing marks in their Higher Secondary level are eligible for undertaking this course. The primary aim of the course is to provide the graduates with practical based knowledge, understanding as well as skills that can be used by the candidates to groom themselves in different career opportunities and thus earn a decent living.



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    Sir what is difference b/w BS electrical engineering and BSc electrical engineering..plz guide us?

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    dear sir what is the difference between doing b.tech in india and doing b.s in usa.

    i am presently in NITK,SURATHKAL,MANGALORE doing my first b.tech and i have taken the SAT SUBJECT TEST for admissions in U.S Universities like HARVARD,MIT,STANFORD,PRINCETON,RICE……..etc. and i have got the eligible score to get into them.is it good to continue here in india or go to U.S?

    what are all the job oppurtunities that i get there and here?is there any large differences in sal;aries? PLEASE DO REPLY ME