Difference between B.E and B.Sc


Educationally, India is growing with a wide prospective, and is coming up with various new courses. Even the older ones are being reformed and re-visualized to give outstanding aspects. The same is the situation with the course like B.E and B.sc.

B.E and B.Sc are few of the most popular courses in India. The numbers of students opting for these courses are huge. Probably that is the reason that more and more colleges are opening in the country to meet up the demand of the aspiring candidates.

B.E which stands for Bachelor of engineering is a course that deals with the practical and technological aspect of things. On the other hand, B.Sc stands for Bachelor of Science, and deals in the theoretical and detailed study of things.

The main difference between both the courses is basically on the approach they have towards the topics. B.E is a course that deals with the technical aspect more and hence approaches on the practical front. The main aim behind a B.E course is to study the application and practical uses of the topic. No matter what the topic is, if it is studied under the technological courses like B.E, the stress will be upon the practical usage and application.

However, this is not the scenario in the course of B.Sc. Here the stress is upon the theory. Bachelor of Science involves detailed and in depth study of the topics. Thus, one studying under this topic should have a deep knowledge and a clear concept of the topic. The practical usage and its application are secondary objects under this course. The primary goal is to achieve a complete and thorough knowledge of the subject. The course often acts as a backbone of that subject and hence helps in delivering knowledge related to the subject to the other wings.



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