Difference between M.Phil and M.Sc. by Research


Both M.Phil and M.Sc by research are the research level degree programmes offered by many universities. Even though they are in the same research level, there are lots of dissimilarities between them. M.Phil is a master’s degree after which a person can for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). M.Sc by research is master’s degree research programme offered in any of the science subjects.

M.Phil Course and Career opportunities

M.Phil is a postgraduate research degree programme which is designed for the research students. This degree is said to be a step towards thePhD degree. The PhD is considered as the highest research degree. In some countries, the students who have opted for the PhD degree is registered initially as M.Phil students. This is a special degree which is awarded in only some specific departments of particular university. Some of the specific fields are Archeology, Theology, Arts, Social sciences and Philosophy. The M.Phil degree course requirements will vary according to the countries and universities. In many countries this is a two year programme. This research oriented degree is most apt for those who have interest in academic career. After completing the M.Phil degree the students are usually enrolled for the PhD degree. The M.Phil qualified candidates can choose their career in teaching profession or in research areas.

M.Sc. by Research Course and Career opportunities

The M.Sc by Research is also a master’s degree focused in research. This research degree is usually offered in any of the science disciplines. M.Sc by research is like the usual M.Sc degree in science, but more emphasis is given on the research area. In some countries, M.Sc by research degree is generally called as the MRes degree and is offered in diverse science disciplines. The M.Sc by research prepares a student for the doctoral level which helps them to enter in a bright career in teaching field or in research centers. This postgraduate research degree requires a lot of thesis and usually has very few taught lessons as compared to the regular M.Sc degree. About 40, 000 word research dissertation is a must for the M.Sc by research course. The duration and contents of this course may differ depending on the countries.

Key differentiators between M.Phil and M.Sc. by Research

  • M.Phil is postgraduate research degree which is said to be a step towards the PhD degree whereas M.Sc by research is a postgraduate course like M.Sc but more focused in research.
  • M.Phil can be done in some specific fields such as Arts, Archeology, Social sciences, Theology and Philosophy whereas M.Sc by Research can be done only in any of the science disciplines.

Although M.Phil and M.Sc by Research are the research based degree programmes, the two courses are dissimilar in many aspects.



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