Difference between M.Sc in Food Science and M.Sc in Home Science


M.Sc in Food Science and M.Sc in Home Science are postgraduate level courses related to food and home respectively. M.Sc in Home Science enables its participants to perform well in their home and family and to catch up a job in the related area. Food Science on the other hand imparts students with enough knowledge related to food and its nutritional value. Home Science is the vast area of study, which comprises areas of food and nutrition, textile and clothing, home resources management, human development (ex: Child welfare, family guidance, etc) and so on. Therefore, it is clear that Food science act as a subdivision under the area of Home Science.

M.Sc in Food Science and Opportunities

The bachelor degree in science from a recognized University is the necessary qualification required to be eligible for postgraduate program in food science. The qualification must be obtained preferably in any of the areas of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology. Those who have completed graduation in associated areas of food science can also sought admission to the course. The master degree holders in food science can find enough opportunities in food sector. They can find opportunities in food inspection, food servicing, food safety, food preservation, and in research and developmental activities related to food.

M.Sc in Home Science and Opportunities

Those who have completed the 3-year undergraduate degree in Home Science are eligible for postgraduate program in the same. After completion of the course, the candidate can work under an organization or can have self-employment in the area. They can find job opportunities in areas of Interior decoration, Arts and crafts, catering, Food Preservation, House keeping and laundry services, Dress designing, social welfare, and so on.

Key difference between M.Sc in Food Science and M.Sc in Home Science

  • Food science acts as a sub division under the vast area of Home Science.
  • M.Sc in Food Science allow one to find opportunities mostly in food industry where as Home Science helps one to obtain jobs in wide range of areas.

Though there are certain similarities, both the courses are different in certain aspects. The academic curriculum and educational qualifications required for both the courses are different.



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    which university offers distance course in MSc.food science. what will i have to do to achive a professors degree in the same field.