Difference between Paleontologist and Geologist


Those who are involved in the study of outer layer of earth crust are referred to as Geologist. They carry out studies on the possible occurrence of landslides, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions. The information collected can be used in preventive measures for constructing buildings and other structures in accident prone locations. Paleontologist on the other hand deals with primitive life on earth surface through the study of fossil records. The stream acts as an intermediate between Biology and Geology where the study of biotic life and earth are blended. Though the professions of Paleontologist and Geologist are similar in certain aspects, they are different in some respects.

Paleontologist and Opportunities

Bachelor’s degree in Geology is the basic qualification required for one to get in to the junior level jobs in Paleontology. But in order to get into the role of Paleontologist, the candidate should possess postgraduate degree in Paleontology. Upon completion of the course the candidates can find job opportunities with museums, research institutes, colleges, universities, etc. By gaining experience in the role of Paleontologist one can get in to senior level positions such as researchers and project managers.

Geologist and Opportunities

Those who want to get in to the role of Geologist should have passed masters level or doctorate level courses in Geology. Those who complete the course successfully can find job opportunities with mining sector companies, in research firms, in Board of Geological Survey of India, and so on. Those with these higher degree qualifications in geology can find opportunities in academics also.

Key differences between Paleontologist and Geologist

  • Paleontologist deals with the study of the fossil traces on the surface of the earth where as Geologist deals with study of the processes taking place in the outer earth crust.
  • Geology is the vast area of study where as Paleontology acts as a subdivision of the same.

Qualification requirements of both the professionals are entirely different. Masters degree in Geology is the necessary requirement for Geologist where as postgraduate degree in Paleontology is the necessary requirement for Paleontologist. The nature and responsibilities assigned with both the job profiles are entirely different.



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