Difference between Geology and Geography


Geology is an in-depth discipline which portrays the earth and its past along with future implications. This study mainly explores the mineral deposits, atmosphere etc. There are many sub-divisions to Geology which includes Mineralogy, structural geology, planetology, geomorphology, geological engineering etc.

Geography is an entirely different subject and it deals with the above ground segregation of the earth’s surface. This study helps to determine many factors like, for instance physical features, type of weather, soil, plant life, populace, land use and industries all over world and their regional separation.

Geology Career and Opportunities

There are many leading universities which offer Post graduate courses like M.A and M. Sc in Geology. Doctoral programs are also available with many specializations in main branches like Mining, Ecological Education, and Environment Law. Geologists will find employment opportunities in Geological Survey department, Ground Water Board, Oil and Mining Companies, and so on.

There are also many job profiles available for graduates and Post graduates from this field like a Geologist, Meteorologists, Oceanic Geologists, Geo-Chemists, and Hydrologists, depending on the area of expertise of the applicant.  The line of work of a Geologist is overpoweringly research oriented. It involves surveying and laboratory works which are few of the main vital parts of this job.

Geography Career and Opportunities

Geography is a science which takes in to consideration the physical feature, façade of earth, natural and manmade divisions, type of weather, inhabitants, manufacture, etc. This subject is divided in to two main divisions, which are physical geography and human geography. This subject is further divided in to Biogeography, Cartography, Climatology, GIS, Geomorphology, Historical geography, Pedology, Transportation geography and urban geography.

A Geographer can work with government departments, research institutes and also with some Private institutions in their own specialized subjects. GIS and remote sensing technologies are the few upcoming advanced technological field of study. They can also work with NGO’s  and also enter in to teaching profession if preferred.

Key Differentiators between Geology and Geography

The main dissimilarity among Geography and Geology is that, Geography typically encounter with physical overall form of the land. Geology on the other hand deals with how the earth obtained the shape it currently possess.

Geology is generally regarding what the ground is made-up of on a natural perspective. Geography, in contrast, deals with mapping the amount of earth’s forms, which include rivers, mountain ranges, coast line etc.



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