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Geology is a branch of science dealing with the study of the first layer of the earth called as crust. Specialists in this field of study are called as geologists and these professionals normally has a wide knowledge on history of rocks of the earth and the related activities taking place beneath and above the crust of the earth.

Many government organizations engaged in research activities recruit candidates for the position of Geologists with different pay scales.

Recent job notifications with Pay scale offered for geologists:

As mentioned earlier, different government organizations offer different pay scales for the position of Geologists. Recently, the following government organizations recruited candidates for the position of Geologist and the corresponding pay scale announced by these organizations is given below:

Society of Integrated Coastal Management – Consolidated pay of Rs. 60000 per month

National Council for Cement and Building Materials – Rs. 15600-39100

Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited – Consolidated pay of Rs. 10000 per month

RITES Limited – Rs. 16400-40500

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation – Rs.24900-50500

WAPCOS Limited – Rs. 16400-40500

Therefore, candidates appointed for the position of Geologist in Government organizations can get a minimum pay scale Rs. 15000 as the basic pay and after some years of service, this will be increase up to 50,000 rupees.

What is the educational qualification needed for finding geologist jobs in government organizations?

Most of the government organizations look for candidates who have completed their Master of Science (technology) in applied geology or Master of Technology in Applied geology for the position of Geologist. In the process of selection of candidates for this position, candidates with knowledge of advanced techniques like GIS and remote sensing and experience in computer aided applications will be given preference. Even some organizations look for Ph. D qualification from candidates applying for the position of Geologist.

Job profile of Geologists:

The work of the geologists is to use computer programs for making prediction on availability of natural resources in a specific landscape for mining and they are responsible for checking the possibilities of natural calamities like earthquake in a particular area. These professionals play an important role in the exploration and discovery of natural and mineral water resources of the earth.

Scope of Geologist jobs in Government organizations:

Since geologist play an important role in exploration of precious mineral resources from the earth, a wide range of employment opportunities are available in public sector organizations.



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