Career prospects in printing press engineering


In the present scenario, the printing press engineering is a growing sector. The prominence of media for communicating the creative ideas to the people cannot be ignored. In such a situation, the role of printing technology is very important. The process of printing technology is an important one and this field also involves large scale process which mainly deals with printing and transaction.

The printing technology no longer uses the conventional methods and it now uses the text and graphics to make a final print. The developments in the area of printing technology have been tremendous which has helped in creating a number of job opportunities in this area. This is an area which requires the candidates to have specialized skills to perform all the important tasks in a proper way.

Courses in Printing Press Engineering

There are many short terms as well as regular courses in the printing technology domain. The candidates can apply for the graduation courses, diploma or post graduation courses in the printing technology. Among this, a B. Tech in printing press engineering is the most sought after course. The candidates should have completed the 12th class in order to join for the B.Tech in printing press engineering. The candidates are required to attend the entrance exam as part of the recruitment criterion to join for this course.

Career avenues in the Printing Press engineering

The printing press engineering is an area which has witnessed rapid advancements in the near future. It’s a fact that many of the individuals are fascinated or interested towards building their career in the area of printing engineering. The job opportunities in this field are very high and require lot of commitment and hard work from the part of the candidates on a whole. The candidates who are qualified in this area of printing pres engineering can have the following job prospects in the following areas –

  • Government Press
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Publishing Houses
  • Printing Houses
  • Electronic publishing
  • Packaging
  • Research and development
  • Quality Control
  • Digital Printing
  • Designing
  • Security Printing

When we observe about the growing job opportunities of printing press engineering, equal opportunities exist both in the government sector as well as the private sector. The candidates can opt for many of the government jobs by attending the competitive exams which are conducted by various government sectors. Some of the government sector organisations where the candidates can opt for jobs after successfully completing this course is as follows –

  • National Book Trust
  • Publication Division
  • Sahitaya Akademi
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • National Council of Educational Research and Training

The emerging opportunity in the sector of printing press engineering signifies how viable this course is. The candidates after they have selected this course should try to get best of the knowledge to emerge successful in this course.



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