PTU-B.Pharmacy 5th Semester-Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Biochemistry) Papers


Pharmaceutical Companies in India are one of the most trusted companies all over the world and job opportunities in this area are very good. Student doing graduation in this field have a bright future.

What is taught in this paper?

The Bachelor of Pharmacy is the study in the area of health science and chemical sciences with combined form, in this field the students get familiar with designing medicine and production of it.

Importance of Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

Biochemistry is an integral part of the pharmacy industry as the designing of a medicine for a disease is determined on the basis of biochemistry, the combined form of biology and chemistry is biochemistry.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Biochemistry is a theoretical paper and the paper contains 10 questions in it, these questions are divided into 3 sections; Section A is of 1 very short answer type question which is further divided into 15 questions and all are compulsory, Section B is of 5 short answer type questions from which 4 are to be attempted, all are of equal marks and Section C is of 4 long answer type questions and 3 from it are needed to be attempted, each question is of equal marks.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper contains questions such as polymerase chain reaction, deamination actions in amino acid metabolism, salient features of the B-oxidation, oxidative phosphorylation, coenzymes, Peptide linkage, Anaploretic reactions, N-glycosides linkage, Isoenzyme, HMP shunt etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks in this paper are 80 and time allotted is 3 hours only. Each question in 1st section is of 2 marks, in 2nd part, each question is of 5 marks and in 3rd part, each question is of 10 marks.

Recommended Books

  • Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger
  • Biochemistry by Jeremy Berg and John Tymoczko
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