EAMCET Chemistry Papers


The EMACET is an entrance exam conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute Technological University for all those aspiring admission to the eminent engineering and medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh. This exam is held every year in the month of May.

The syllabus of the exam by and large consists of atomic structure, molecular structure, nuclear chemistry, stoichemistry, acids and gases, electrochemistry etc. All these topics have been covered in the earlier years of study.

Before starting to prepare for the exam it is vital for the student to go through the exam pattern. This exam is only of three hours with a total number of 160 questions distributed across math, physics and chemistry. The chemistry paper is only of 40 marks and each question carries a single mark. Each question is also provided with four alternatives. There is a provision of rough space for calculations and writing equations. Usually the first set of questions is easy consisting of simple calculations if any at all. Then there is a middle set which increasing difficulty. The questions towards the end are usually the most time consuming ones.

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    I am inter complited but. Ilike the ou campass study prom degree how

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    I am inter complited but. Ilike the ou campass study prom degree how

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    sir,how many marks will come in eamcet in 2012 by preparing only first year chemistry

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    how can i download eamcet papers send me the complete details of the website immediately

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    Emcet pass marks

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    siva prasad:

    what is the difference between angular nodes and nodel region?

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    What is the difference between angular nodes and nodes?

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    sir,please answer how to download all previous papers

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    sir, please send samples of chemistry,mathematics and physics:

    I am suma.

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    Ravi teja:

    Sir,i hav completed my inter in 2010,i got 63% of marks in IPE,and my group is (BI.P.C),my caste is (BC-D),sir how much marks are required to get the medicine seat,and pls tell me what major topics i hav to read in physics and chemistry of 1st and 2nd yr subjects majorly and what type of qstns mostly rply me soon….

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    how can i dowmload all previous emacet papers

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    How to findout alkanes structure