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What is the role of cosmic rays in causing Earthquakes?

What is the role of cosmic rays in causing earthquakes? Please tel lme the role

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Default Re: What is the role of cosmic rays in causing Earthquakes?

hi... first of all you must have got the idea from film 2012.. really this is an interesting topic.. what you heard about, are all HYPOTHETICAL and still today nothing is proven yet... regarding earth quake and cosmic rays.. basically the earthquake happens due to the movement of the tectonic plates of the earth crust and they happens when one plate moves against the nabouring plate. The cosmic rays had an effect on our atmosphere and they are some time responsable for the electronic black out.

But till today we don't have any concrete proof that they had any effect on the earth core or crust. But as a hypothesis yes, a very heavy cosmic radiation bust may effect the core.. but before that our atmosphere will on fire and thanks god we had a layer in our atmosphere which we call ionosphere which will reflect or burn out such radiation. The magnetic field of our good old earth is also effecive in diverting then out of our way.

So untill our atmoshere had gone off.. we had no magnetic field we don't have to worry about such event.

But be ware... the earth crust may shift any time at any place and we can have a 2012 situation.. but not because of any cosmic radiation ofcourse...........

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