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Is ICSE better than CBSE for competitive exams?

Icse examinations r better than cbse ones. Its course very much brief and detailed .icse students have to study from one book .but as compared to cbse ones have to study 3books to get a detailed imformation.. But the main point of concern is that most of people r knowing nothing about icse school....icse is a foreign word for them...but as far concerned icse is much better than cbse..so if u want to prepare yourself for comptetive exams and for higher studies go for icse....!!
Who stand with my this point of view?

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Default Re: Is ICSE better than CBSE for competitive exams?

You have pointed out a major controversial point and one of the most common dilemmas of the parents before doing admission their wards to school. This topic has been one of the most common debatable topics of the nation with the ICSE students supporting ICSE and CBSE students supporting the CBSE board of education. However, both the boards of education are good and have proven to be providing quality education to the national as well as the international students.

If you consider the study period from Kinder Garden to tenth standard, then ICSE should be given more preference than the CBSE board of education. This is because of the following reasons :-

→ The syllabus followed by ICSE board of education has a better standard in various subjects like English, Mathematics, etc.
→ English which is the backbone of the modern world is definitely better taught in ICSE schools as compared to the CBSE ones.
→ Mathematics syllabus involves an advanced syllabus which is quite beneficial if the students take up mathematics at the higher level.
→ The study in ICSE board of education is much of application based where conceptual knowledge is of utmost importance.
→ The students have to bear more pressure from study in ICSE school than CBSE schools thereby increasing their thinking and working capability.

However, after tenth, CBSE should be followed. This is because →

→ English is quite tough in the 10+2 level of ICSE (ISC board) as compared to the english of CBSE schools. Thus it will be a matter of wastage of time if a candidate aims at some other line other than english.
→ The base of english and mathematics has already been made strong if one studies till tenth in ICSE schools, so tougher english of ICSE in 10+2 level can divert them from preparing for some other entrance exams. Hence CBSE is better.
→ The syllabus prescribed by CBSE for 10+2 level is at par with all other boards and is followed by various councils conducting different entrance exams.
→ Various scholarships are given by the CBSE for pursuing higher studies to the bright students under CBSE curriculum.

But, overall both the boards of education are good. In the end everything is up to the students, how much they can take in and how much they can deliver at the right time in the right place.
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Default Re: Is ICSE better than CBSE for competitive exams?

CBSE stands for central board of secondary education. it comes under the central government of india.
ICSE stands for indian council of secondary education.
As your question is which board will be better for the preparation of competitive examinations, then the syllabus of ISCE borad is quite harder than that of CBSE board, its syllabus is based on comprehensive pattern which makes students more creative.
In higher secondary ICSE board becomes ISC, there are various advantages of ISCE board i.e if you are an ICSE student then your fiundation in English, mathematics and computer gonna quite better than any CBSE board student.This board is also beneficial for the students aspirated to go abroad for further studies.

While CBSE board is quite different from it, but it is good to choose CBSE board to give competitive examination.
Became some of the competitive exam like joint entrance examination (JEE) for b.tech, all india para medical test (AIPMT) for medical sector are based on the prescribed syllabus of CBSE and also conducted by CBSE.

So, for the preparation of engineering or medical sector it will good to choose CBSE instead of ICSE board.
Otherwise ISCE isn't a bad option, according to it will be best for the creative students it also has wider scope than CBSE.
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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