GAIL Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


GAIL India Limited is one of the most prestigious Natural Gas companies in our country. In fact, this is India’s flagship company. The firm deals with the Exploration, manufacture and distribution in addition to other related services.

GAIL carries out the recruitment program to take in eligible candidates to the various available posts in the firm. The selection procedure comprises of 2 parts –

  • Aptitude Test
  • Personal HR Interview

The Aptitude test is carried out mainly to examine the speed of the candidates.

GAIL Placement Test

The written paper will have 150 questions. The exam has duration of 2 hours. The questions will be of subjective types. Out of these, 15 will be for the General Awareness topics and 35 for the Quantitative Aptitude.  The remaining 100 questions will be based on software or IT. Questions might also include topics like JAVA Programming, C and C++ etc. They need to answer all questions and that took within the given time.

GAIL Placement Interview

In the interview, basic technical questions will be asked. Sometimes, questions that pertain to the summer training will also be asked. At the technical interview, students will be asked a lot of technical questions on the subjects they have studies so far. The final part of the selection procedure will be the HR interview. Candidates will be asked to describe about themselves. Questions will also be asked on hobbies and others.

GAIL Placement Test Preparation Tips

The written exam will comprise of general questions. In fact, this can be considered to be the easiest part in the selection procedure. Different books such as R.S. Agarwal will be of good help to them. They can also refer to other competitive books. Since the questions will be quite tricky, candidates need to be quite honest when replying.

GAIL Placement Interview Preparation Tips

Once the candidate clears the written test, there will be an interview. For this, they will need to prepare beforehand. Many technical questions will be posed. Apart from this, queries will also be asked from projects. When they are facing the judging panel, aspirants need to be very confident. Unless they answer confidently, the panel might think that they are not confident in themselves. Candidates must also never be over confident. They ought to be modest and calm when they answer questions that are asked to them. Also, if they are given an opportunity to ask questions about the company, students must make up the most. They can show the panel that they have a genuine interest in the firm. The final round will be with the HR. To succeed in this round, aspirants need to be ready to answer questions on strength and weakness, role models and about themselves. In case candidates do not know or are unsure about an answer, they need to let the panel know about the same.



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