Government Colleges for Ph. D in Nephrology


Nephrology is a term derived from the word Nephros, which means kidney and the term logy denotes the meaning ‘the study of, therefore, nephrology is a branch of medicine that studies the functions and diseases affecting the human kidney. Ph. D in Nephrology course in India is offered by only a single institution and the name of this institution and some of the details regarding the course are given below:

All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi

About Nephrology Department in All India Institute of Medical Sciences:

Nephrology department in All India Institute of Medical Sciences began its journey in the year 1969 and initially the department began its journey as a part of the department of medicine of AIIMS. The department is currently doing nearly 140 renal transplantation surgeries per year successfully. In addition to hospital services offered by the department, it also offers educational courses and the educational services offered by the Nephrology Department of the AIIMS are as follows:

Offering training to dialysis technician

Training for M. Sc Nursing candidates of AIIMS

Post Doctoral fellowship in Nephrology

DM in Nephrology

Training of candidates taking up PG course in medicine AIIMS

Education to UG candidates of AIIMS

Ph. D in Nephrology

When it comes to hospital services offered by the Department of Nephrology there are doctors in the department for attending out-patients and in-patients as well.

Admission Procedure to Ph. D in Nephrology course:

For getting into the Ph. D in Nephrology course offered by the AIIMS, candidates must get through the Ph. D Entrance Test conducted by the institute. The maximum duration allowed by AIIMS for completion of Ph. D in Nephrology course is five years and the five year period will be taken into account from the date of registration of candidates to the ph. D course until the date of submission of thesis from the candidates.

Scope of Ph. D in Nephrology course:

Nephrology is an important field of medicine and many people are facing problems related to kidney disorders and therefore the need for professionals in this field is high. Particularly, Ph. D in Nephrology holders, in addition to offering the best medical services, these professionals can also serve as professors or lecturers for offering education to the future nephrologists and therefore they will be able to find job opportunities in hospital-cum-educational institutions like AIIMS, wherein they can offer education and can also practice in their field of medicine.



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