Difference between Neurology and Nephrology


Neurology and Nephrology are the two fields of Medicine which specialize on different areas. Neurology is a medical specialty which deals with the study of nervous system. Nephrology is a division of Internal Medicine which deals with the study of kidney and its functions. Neurologists will treat the diseases which affect the nervous system and Nephrologists will give treatment for kidney disorders. There is higher demand for Neurologists than Nephrologists in Medical field.

Neurology courses and its opportunities

There are several neurology courses available in India. Post graduation courses in this field are MD in Neurology and DNB in Neurology. Both these courses are widely acclaimed courses. Neurologists should complete any of these courses to practice in any health organization. Super specialty courses in this field are DM in Neurology and Super specialty DNB in Neurology. There are limited seats for these courses. Neurologists who do this super specialty courses can get high salary and reputation in both private and government hospitals. Doctors specialized in Neurology have high demand in India and abroad. Wide range of opportunities is available in this field. Therefore after studying any of the courses in Neurology, a candidate can find a promising career in this field.

Nephrology courses and its opportunities

Several courses in Nephrology are available in India. The most famous courses are super specialty courses in Nephrology. DM in Nephrology and Super specialty DNB in Nephrology are the two specialty courses offered in India. Nephrologists who have completed any of these courses will get higher salary than the Nephrologists having post graduate degree or diploma. Nephrology is the field which specializes in giving treatments for kidney disorders. This field also deals with renal transplantation, dialysis and renal replacement therapy. Diseases affecting kidney may affect other organs in some cases. Therefore the nephrologists play a crucial role by giving treatment for kidney related diseases. So the demand for nephrologists is high in both private and government hospitals.

Key differences between Neurology and Nephrology

  • Neurology deals with the study of Nervous system while Nephrology deals with the study of Kidney.

Scope of Neurology is higher than the scope of Nephrology. Even though both areas come under the field of Medicine, each of these areas is related to different parts in human body. As Neurology studies about the most important part of Human body, it has more scope than Nephrology.



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