Government Colleges in Lakshadweep Islands


Lakshadweep Insland is also called as Laccadive Islands and it is a group of Islands in the sea of Laccadive. This island is the smallest union territory in India and the total land area of the island is 32 km2 or 11 sq. mi. it is the northernmost island in the group of Lakshadweep, Maldvies and Chagos islands. The island was given this name from the term Lakshadweepa, which means a lakh island, which is a Sanskrit term. As this is the smallest union territory in India, its population is also the least population.

The island of Lakshadweep being a small island has only a single district and this is governed by the administrator appointed by the central government of the nation. This union territory comes under the jurisdiction of the High Court of the state of Kerala, which is located in Kochi. The island does not presently have any local government, but plans are being made by the Indian Government to introduce a two-tiered system based on Panchyati Raj.

Higher education in Lakshadweep:

When it comes to higher education in the union territory, there are only a few colleges and they are affiliated to the Calicut University. The colleges in Lakshadweep are committed to offer thorough knowledge and quality education and they are offering education with the objective of building humanitarian conscience among the future generation. As far as government colleges in Lakshadweep Islands, there is only a single government college and the name of this college is:

Government Jawaharlal Nehru College, P.O. Kadmath

Some information about this government college in Lakshadweep are given below:

Government Jawaharlal Nehru College, P.O. Kadmath:

Government Jawaharlal Nehru College is offering education in different subjects like computer applications, mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, etc… with affiliation form the Calicut University. The list of courses offered by this college is given below:

Certificate course in

o Disaster Management

o Environmental Studies

o Food and Nutrition

o Guidance

o Participatory Forest Management

o Computing

o Tourism Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in

o Disaster Management

o Hospital and Health Management

o Rural Development

Diploma in Tourism Studies

Bachelor’s preparatory programme

Bachelor’s Degree in

o Computer Applications

o Mathematics

o Physics

o Chemistry

o English

o British History

o World History

o Botany

o Zoology

o Fish & fisheries

There are a few other private colleges in the Lakshadweep Island and all these institutions are focused on offering the best quality education to the citizens of the island, which includes mostly tribal population.



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