Government jobs in Computer Forensic in India


With the fast developing economic online activities, there are occurrences of many cases of cyber crimes inclusive of online credit card scams, electronic mail related crimes like threatening e-mails, spoofing, frauds and defamatory mails on companies, cloning of mobiles, software privacy, SMS hacking, etc… Cell phones and computers play a crucial role in the commission of crimes like identity theft and financial frauds. Computer and digital forensics majors in high demand these days because of computer and network security issues these days.

Computer Forensic Courses:

As mentioned earlier, with the increasing incidence of mobile phone and online frauds, computer forensic courses are gaining importance among students and the courses in this field are designed with the following objectives in mind:

For familiarization defensive techniques of damage control

For comprehending the proactive measures for preventing computer crimes

For knowing about approaches to investigation of computer crimes

For learning to capture clues of potential computer crime in the making

For understanding different types of risks in networking and computerized operations

Computer forensic course content:

Computer Forensic Course Content normally includes the following subjects:

Cyber crime and digital evidence

Intellectual property issues and cyberspace

E-commerce of cyber laws

Fundamentals of cyber laws

White collar crime

Introduction to criminalist

Cyber crime

Computer forensics

Analysis of digital media

Who can take up computer forensic courses?

Computer forensics is the science and art of applying computer science for aiding in legal process. It would be worthwhile for exploring Post Graduate Programme in computer forensics or information security certifications with background of graduation in computer science/computer applications/IT.

Job scope in computer forensic:

Computer forensics graduates have been in high demand for jobs in law enforcement in foreign countries. Even though, computer forensic is at its infancy state in India, employment opportunities for the professionals in this field still exist in India. Nowadays, some of the companies in India are hiring computer forensic experts to root out employees using office computers for crimes and frauds to embezzlement and child pornography.

Government jobs in Computer Forensic In India:

Government jobs in computer forensic can be found in the following organizations in India:

Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad

Government Examiner of Questioned Documents, Hyderabad

Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata

State Forensic Science Laboratory, Mumbai

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi

Advanced Training Institute, Mumbai, Govt. of India.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra



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2 Responses to “Government jobs in Computer Forensic in India”

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    Would you please tell me , What is the requirement for be a digital forensic expert ? As I’m Studying in diploma in computer engineering.

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    Puneet Nagpal:


    I completed MS in Cyber Laws and Information Security from IIIT Allahabad. Working as Consultant in some private firm.
    I like to ask about the same as you said above about if u have vacancies in all these govt organizations . Why they r not recruiting us and give us opportunity to work with them.

    I saw in most of CFSL/FSL/SFIO/DIT they are having deputation process. The person from Physics/Ballastics / Chemistry division is heading the computer forensics department.

    Kindly give us opportunity to show our skill set.

    I wrote too many times to various Police departments to various states . but no replies i got.

    I am 90% sure about the same. But yes at least if u r really reading this please try to understand the situation.

    or stop such courses like MS in Cyber Law $ Information Security if our govt. do not want to change their RRs.

    (waiting for ur reply)


    Puneet Nagpal