Government Jobs in the field of Music in India


Qualified and talented people can find enormous employment opportunities in the field of music with the advent of many music channels, television channels, satellite televisions, etc… when it comes to career in music, professionals can find employment opportunities in the following fields:

Magazines and newspapers as correspondents and music critics

Hospitals as music therapists

Educational institution and kala kendras as music teachers

In music companies

Music research organizations as musicologists

In music troupes

In production houses

Government departments of public relations and culture

Private FM channels and AIR stations

In Television channels

In addition to these, there are wide opportunities for self-employment in the form of holding private classes at music schools or at home or directing and producing independent programmes.

Career options in the field of music:

Nowadays, with music getting into the league of big businesses, there is a list of careers that candidates can choose from in the industry of music. In addition, becoming a performer in instrumental or vocal music or as a teacher or as a composer or song writer, artist manager, music therapists, video/disc jockeys, music journalist and music publisher are also possible in the industry of music.

Courses in Music:

In India, a number of music courses are offered at the Degree, diploma and even Ph. D level not only in vocal music, but in instrumental music as well and the list of courses offered in the field of music in India is given below:

Bachelor of Arts (hons.) in

o Classical Vocal Music

o Rabindra Sangeet

o Music

B.A. / B.Sc. Combination of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Music (B. Music)

Certificate Course in

o Instrumental Music

o Vocal Music

o Music Production

Diploma in

o Folk Music

o Music

Diploma Proficiency course in Music

Master of Arts in Music

Master of Music (M. Music)

Master of Philosophy in Music

Doctor of Philosophy

o Music

o Rabindra Sangeet

There are colleges specially meant for offering music courses in the nation, there is also a university called as Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya in the state of Chhattisgarh with its jurisdiction spread all over the nation, and most of the music colleges in different states of India are affiliated to this university.

Government jobs in the field of Music in India:

When it comes to government jobs in the field of music, candidates can find job opportunities as music teachers in government-run educational institutions. Even candidates with Ph. D in music by taking up NET examination in Music, professionals in this field can find job opportunities as lecturers and junior research fellows in universities working under different state governments in India at UGC pay scale. Music professionals in different sub-fields like Hindustani, Karnatak, Rabindra Sangeet both vocal and instrumental music can find government jobs at good pay scale in India.

As most of us know, music can relieve us from stress and besides this the field can offer professionals with a good job opportunity as well.



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