Graphic Designer - How to become a Graphic Designer?


Designing works are involved mainly in the Graphic designing field. This process combines the creation of various designs and their printing. It can be said as the combination of communication of ideas through art works and modern technology. Graphic design works can be seen in everywhere for example as logos, posters, in the products we buy, etc.

Professionals working in this field are called graphic designers. They develop various designs according to their creativity and as per the client requirements. They make the requirements more attractive and it will convey some messages to the public. These professionals have got very high demand in the technical markets at present.

Various companies are recruiting skilled and talented graphic designers. Huge opportunities are opened for them nowadays. They can perform in specific roles in many industries such as

  • Specialized design services
  • Advertising and related services
  • Printing and related support activities
  • Newspaper
  • Periodical, book
  • Directory publishers

Qualifying Exam

To become a graphic designer, one needs a qualification in the related subjects. The courses in graphic designing are offered by various institutions in the country. There are certificate courses and diploma courses for graphic designing. They are

  • Diploma in Publishing and Graphic Designing (DPGD)
  • Certificate Course in Graphic Designing
  • Diploma in Graphic and Web Designing
  • Diploma in Multimedia and Animation Designing (DMAD)

The full time Diploma courses in graphic designing are more valuable than the certificate courses.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any individual who have a passion in this field can join for the graphic designing courses. They also need a creative mind and drawing skills. Those without these skills can also join for the courses if they are interested in this field, as it may develop through their course of studies. Candidates can apply for the graphic designing courses if they have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or the basic qualification of 12th. Some institutes may conduct tests and interview for their admission. In such cases they have to qualify that tests also.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue 12th from any reputed institutions with good academic scores. Try to take drawing classes from the high school level itself.
  • Apply for the graphic designing courses or pursue bachelor’s degree in fine arts. The later will be a better choice.
  • Find the institutes which offer the graphic designing courses and pursue degree in that.
  • Get training from any graphic designing companies that provide internship programmes. This will help to add a value in the resume.
  • Search for the jobs in the companies which recruit graphic designers.

Skills required for a Graphic Designer

All that is needed to become a graphic designer is a creative mind and drawing skills. People with these talents and an interest in this field are more suitable for this profession and can become a successful graphic designer. However those without drawing skills can also become professionals in this field if they have passion towards it. Other important qualities needed for them are the analytical mind, problem solving skills and create visual solutions to the problems.



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    I have done bca through pune university I am interested in graphic designing n adverisements so whaf should I do to apply and get admission for the same
    What are the career scopes
    And placements……