Difference between Animation and Graphic


Animation is the brisk display of a series of 2 or 3D images to produce an illusion of action. The visual presentation of art or symbols or any other image on some surface that is created in order to entertain, inform or illustrate is called as Graphics.

Animation Course and Career Opportunities

There are numerous institutes in India that offer courses in animation. The basic qualification that is required to join this course is a pass in class 10+2. It would also help if the candidate has a good knowledge in computer programming. After finishing the course, it is possible for students to find jobs with leading animation firms. Students of animation will get an initial remuneration of around Rs.10000 – Rs. 15000 a month. Those who have more experience can make as much as Rs. 50000 – Rs. 60000 each month.

Graphics Course and Career Opportunities

Students who seek to become graphic designers must have a pass in 10+2 as their basic qualification. The main quality a students needs in this field is a genuine interest as well as an artistic bend of mind. As there is a huge requirement for graphic designers in the design industry, it is possible for students to secure good jobs with leading graphic designing firms. Students of graphic designing would be able to find work with creative media like advertising agencies, educational institutes, visual-audio media and displays & exhibits. The initial salary of graphic designers would be approximately Rs. 12, 000 – Rs. 18, 000 a month.

Key differentiators between Animation and Graphic

Both animation as well as graphic designing has prominent roles in our lives.  Be it newspapers or television or the computer, without the aid of animation or graphic, it would not just be the same. While animation is concerned with the rapid movement of images done in order to create an illusion, graphic designing is the imprinting of images on surfaces like cardboard, paper or the television screen.



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    Prikom Mech:

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    Ankit Kumar:

    I am in class 10 and I am very serious about animation & graphics designing. Is it necessary to join class 11 & 12. Can I join any institute after passing 10?

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    I have passed my 12th.. i am crazy about graphics designing,but i have a doubt that , if i complete my coarse in graphics designing with good marks. Then, will i get a job directly from that institute?