Difference between Graphic designer and Production Artist


Graphic designers are those who convey the ideas of clients with great visual effect. They meet the client’s objectives by communicating the idea through appropriate media. The professionals working in this sector should be creative and should possess innovative ideas in communicating things. The production artist is responsible for the accuracy of the design files in film or theatre production. They set up the visual style according to the situation or location mentioned in the film script. They can also get employed with advertising firms; companies engaged in computer aided designing and so on.

There exist certain differences between these professionals in the stages of operation and with the responsibilities assigned with them. The scope of both the professions is good in the present situation and both these professions help the aspirants to develop a better career path in future.

Graphic designers Courses and Job Opportunities

The certificate or diploma courses in graphic designing will help individuals to become proficient in the area. The course imparts adequate skills in computer graphics and designing software. Apart from educational qualifications, the aspirants should possess a creative approach in designing products. They should also possess good communication and problem solving skills. These professionals can find enough opportunities in corporate houses involved with creative design.

Production Artist Courses and Job Opportunities

The necessary qualification required for Production artist is certificate course in graphic design or an associate degree in fine arts. The degree course will be much useful as the students can expand their technical skills along with graphic production concepts. Most of the firms employ these professionals as assistants in the initial stage. But they can move in to the role of production artist with ample experience in the related field.  These professionals can work as freelancers or they can work in corporate houses operating in publishing, advertising or in designing.

Key differences between Graphic designer and Production Artist

  • Graphic designers are involved in the initial design of a concept where as Production artist ensures the accuracy of the design files before publication.
  • Graphic designers interact with clients and design product according to their specifications where as Production artist ensure whether the creative product is up to the requirements of the client.
  • Graphic designers apply their creativity in designing a product where as Production artist use their technical and computer skills to develop the final product.

Even though both professionals are engaged in generating visual effects for effective communication, their stages of operation in the production process is much different.



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