Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering-Semester-I Physics Papers


Aeronautical engineering is one of the streams in engineering in Gujarat technological university. Physics is the base of aeronautics. Any aeronautical engineer should know all the principles of physics. In semester I the topics which the candidate has already learnt till then are brushed up but in a wider sense. They get to know how Physics is applied in the practical world. They are taught all the applications of Physics in Aeronautical Engineering.


110011 is the paper code of the physics paper in semester I in GUT. The syllabus contains 10 topics which are to be covered in the 6 month time. They are namely ‘Acoustics’;‘Ultrasonic’;‘Crystal Physics’;‘Band theory of Solids’;‘Laser’; ‘Optical Fiber’;‘Conducting andSuper Conducting Material’;‘New Engineering Material’;‘Non-Destructive Testing’.

Time duration and maximum marks:

Physics paper of semester 1 is of 70 marks and 2 and a half hour is given to solve the paper.

Division of paper:

Physics is an important subject in Aeronautical engineering. There are 5 questions in the paper and all are compulsory though some questions have internal choices.The questions are not essay type but contain sub questions ranging from 2-5 marks. Except question 1 all questions have choices. The paper pattern may vary every year but the number of questions remains same. There are direct theoretical question but application based questions like numerical are also there. Thus the paper tests both the knowledge and understanding ability of the candidate.

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