Gujarat Technological University B.Tech in Automobile Engineering 5th Semester Papers


The papers of the Gujarat Technological University in the Bachelors in Engineering of the Automobile Engineering in the fifth semester have the same pattern of examination. There are six papers in total in this particular semester and one has six credits for all the papers except for management paper which has two papers.

Paper pattern:

The fifth semester of the Automobile Engineering in the Gujarat Technological University has the following subjects like Automobile Engines, Automobile Systems, Manufacturing Processes – II, Power Electronics & Control Engineering, Management – II, Automobile Maintenance and Repair Practice. The paper has the same set of question pattern and there are five questions in the paper but the content varies. Each question is of 14 marks and the first question is a compulsory question. There are sub parts in each of these questions to help score better marks. The paper is about subjective pattern of the questions paper.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum marks in the fifth semester papers of the Automobile Engineering are 70. The time allotted to the papers is three hours only. There are five questions each having 14 marks each and these are all subjective type questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the important topics that are asked in these papers are performance characteristics, functions and applications of power electronics, how automobile engines works, what are CI and SI engines and how they work, difference between CI and SI engines, Thermostat, turbo charger, supercharging, What is gear box and different things related to that, steering systems, brakes and clutch, what is SCR, different firing circuits of SCR, etc.


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  • M. Ramamoorty, an Introduction to Thyristors and Their Applications Affiliated East,West Press.
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