Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering Semester-I-Maths- I Papers


The Paper of Mathematics is of particular importance from an aeronautical point of view, and a major part of understanding of the future syllabus resides in this paper. This is the reason why Mathematics is taught up to 4th Semester. Students are taught advanced mathematics which finds its application in Aeronautical Engineering. In fact this subject is also applied in various other streams of engineering.

Outline of the paper

There are no divisions or section as such in the paper, but linear arrangement of main questions along the length of the paper.

Pattern of the paper:

The pattern of the paper changes every year, though the number of questions, which is five does not. The First question is compulsory to attempt. It contains about two to five sub-question, as per the nature of it. Furthermore, the remaining four main question are offered with internal options, which means, there are a pair of question in each and candidates have to answer any one from each of the pair. However attempting all the four pairs is compulsory. Few of the question are Essay types, where as the others are just sub-questions, attached together to make one long main question.

Markings in the paper

The total mark of the Theory part of the paper is seventy. Each main question carries fourteen marks. Furthermore the remaining thirty marks is dedicated to the Internal Assessment part.

Time allotted for examination:

Students are required to complete their exam in 3 hours.

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