Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering (Semester-I) Chemistry Papers


Gujarat technological university is the state university which has undergraduate-postgraduate and diploma courses. Though aeronautical science has no connection with chemistry but all the basic subjects are taught in the first semester so there are 6 theory subjects and 5 practical. Total credits for semester-I is 28 where 17 credits is for the theory papers and rest for practical.


The paper code for the chemistry paper is 110001. There are a total of 14 topics out of which the last three topics are taught only during the practical hours. The major topics are ‘water technology’; ‘Metals and alloy’;‘Corrosionand its inhibition’;‘Lubricants’;‘Fuels’; ‘fibers’; ‘Cements’; Polymers and Plastic’;‘Environmental Study’;‘Renewable and Non-renewable energysource’;‘Refractories, Abrasives and Insulators’; ‘Analytical Techniques’.

Time duration:

150 minutes is given to a candidate to solve the paper of 70 marks.

Division of paper:

Chemistry paper of Aeronautical engineering consists of 5 questions and all are compulsory though internal choices are available. Each question consists of 3 sub questions, one of which is long answer type of 7 or 6 marks and the other two questions are short answer type of 3-4 marks.

Marks Distribution
The Chemistry paper carries 70 marks. There are 5 questions of 14 marks each. Each question has an alternative. Also there are sub-questions in each of the questions and different marks are allotted for each of the sub-questions according to the nature of the question.
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