How to improve presentation skills?


Candidates need presentation skills to excel in both professional and academics. It is considered as a form of communication between the presenter and audience. Candidates / speakers personality is reflected in his presentation and the way he presents a particular topic. The presentations should be structured in such a way that the topic should reach the target audience with the same impact as the present intends it to reach. The way the candidate deliver his message , his attitude , dressing , body language, tone of voice, ovement, eye contact etc. adds to a good presentation.

Steps in preparing a good presentation

  • The candidate needs to prepare well in advance for presentations.
  • The topic for presentation should be relevant.
  • Need to collect the data and information based on the topic.
  • The presentation should start in an attractive way in order to gain the attention of the audience.

Important points should be emphasised.

  • They should effectively utilise visual aids like power point slides.
  • Quote examples whenever necessary.
  • Sound modulation, facial expressions etc should convey the right message to the audience.
  • Posture and movement should be natural.

Skills needed for a good presentation

The presenter needs to be well prepared and needs to study about the topic in detail. He should have a good tone and clear voice. The most important thing needed for a presenter is self-confidence. He should be well versed in public speaking and should overcome his shyness. The candidate can practice in front of the mirror which helps them to gain confidence. He needs to study about the audience, their interest and make the presentation catchy. He should have patience and need to develop listening skills. He should also possess the skill of time management.

Points to be remembered

Presentation should be power packed. It should be structured in such a way that the audience will gain interest. The starting of the presentation should be logical and the conclusion needs to paraphrase important points. The sound modulations play an important so the candidate needs to be careful with the tone. They need to maintain good eye contact with the audience. They need to imbibe relaxation techniques and should be confident in each step. The last part of the presentation should ideally be a question and answer session. The presenter should be an active listener at this stage and should answer the questions with patience and clarity. They can prepare well in advance the possible questions that will arise after the presentation, so that they can answer the questions well.



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