How to study B.Sc Chemistry Abroad?


The dynamic subject of Chemistry helps in studying the chemical reactions and processes taking place in organic and inorganic things. The academic program in chemistry includes both theoretical and practical sections. Along with class room lectures, students are exposed to practical workshops to make them much efficient. A bachelor degree in the subject makes the students equipped with necessary skills to perform well as chemist or a chemical analyst. Those who pursue this bachelor degree in international Universities may find it easy to build up a career both in India as well as abroad.

The B. Sc programs of certain Universities have time duration of four years. The first two years mainly concentrates on the academic studies and practical sessions in Chemistry. The next two years include language study of the country the aspirant wish to work with. After successful completion of the program students will be placed in reputed Companies with good compensation packages. The areas of application of Chemistry are wide. A chemist can work along with scientist or biologist to experiment and analyze the chemical reactions taking place in the related areas. They can also work as lecturers after gaining higher studies in Chemistry.

Application Procedure for doing B.Sc Chemistry

The application for Bachelor of Science in Chemistry can be done through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The details regarding the application procedure can be obtained from the website of UCAS. After understanding the application process clearly, the aspirant can start filling the application. The applicant has to keep track of the University’s code number at the time of filling the application. Unless the University code is specified properly it can’t reach he intended destination. The application has to be submitted in such a way that it must reach the specified location before deadline date. All important dates regarding application submission can be collected from the University’s website.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for B Sc Chemistry

Those who have pursued A-level are eligible to apply Bachelor of Science program in Chemistry outside India. This qualifying degree must include subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. The applicant must have at least a B grade at GCSE level in a modern language.

Additional Qualification Requirement for admission to B.Sc Chemistry

Those who want to pursue any degree in International Universities must prove their ability to read and write English language. Those who possess specific scores in competitive exams like IELTS or TOEFL or TEEP can expect an admission in international Universities offering B. Sc Chemistry.



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