Fee structure of B.Sc in Zoology


B.Sc in Zoology is a course that basically deals with the study of the animals. Basically it is a part of biology that has been divided keeping in mind the specification of the study. Biology is basically the study of everything that has life in it. Under those circumstances, specification is hard to find. That is why the course has been divided in two parts, botany and zoology. The Zoology part is basically the study of living organism other than plants.

The course B.sc in Zoology is very popular in India as well as in abroad. It has wide scopes of jobs in India as well as abroad. That is why so many colleges in India and the world are offering this course to the interested candidates. After completing this course, one can work in various industries related to the subject or can carry on with research organization.

The fee structure of B.Sc in Zoology is different for different colleges. There are plenty of government as well as private institutions in India that offer this course to the aspiring students. The approximate fee for the course varies from 2000 to 5000 Indian Rupees per semester. This course is charged for the six months of tuition. The government colleges although charges less for the course. They charge as low as 600 to 900 per semester. Few renowned universities like Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, Mumbai University, Delhi University etc charges Rs 2000, 3000-3500, 5000, 6000 respectively. Private institute under these university charges slightly higher than the above mentioned amount.

The backward and underdeveloped castes are given special relaxation in the fees. As per the norms of the government, the ST, SC and OBC students are charged less than the general candidates. One can even get scholarship by qualifying the scholarship examination held on a national basis. Few colleges offer its own scholarship program for the meritorious students.



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    Roushan ara:

    Sir ! I want 2 know the fee structure of BSc bio…………
    N hostel fee also

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    i have got 93 marks in biology and 89% agregate marks nd i have deep interest in biology is my option of doing bsc biology right?

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    eligbility for bsc zoo9logy